WAR OF THE SERAPHS: ASCENSION, by client Dan Bilodeau

Dan Bilodeau’s book, WAR OF THE SERAPHS: ASCENSION, is “The Perfect Write® Showcase Book of the Month,” as I’ve now ordained this section in my Newsletter.  From the outset I found it to be a very clever Sci-Fi/Fantasy into which readers of all ages can sink their teeth.  In addition to solid characters that don’t overburden the reader with minutiae, it’s also a coming-of-age story.  And via Dan’s careful treatment of two teenagers in the throes of their personal rites of passage, I don’t believe many parents would find the text objectionable for children as young as middle-graders.
Even if Sci-Fi might not be a genre of interest, I implore each Newsletter subscriber to do yourself a favor and click this link to see Dan’s cover for  WAR OF THE SERAPHS: ASCENSION.  Dan is in the sales side of publishing, and it shows, as his is one of the most spectacular covers I’ve ever seen–and this is no exaggeration.  And if ever a cover can sell a book, here’s proof.  Let me know if you concur with my assessment or if you believe I might be biased because Dan is a client.  Seriously, I’d like your opinion of the cover art.

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