Video Concepts Cleverly Promote Books

The link to Dawn Brown’s log line video “Lady of the Air” received the largest subscriber response of any link I’ve provided since my Newsletter’s inception in June of ’09. While I’m on video, what follows is another high-quality effort, albeit of a more expanded variety.

Sirena Ross’s 15-minute video narration of her short ghost story, THE CHOSEN ONE, on a site called The Catalyst, is in my opinion worth any writer’s time to view, as this technique clearly demonstrates another quality method for stimulating interest–and not only for the story but for its author as well. Asking subscribers to spend 15 minutes on a video is indeed requesting a lot, but I strongly suggest tuning in for whatever time can be spared to develop a legitimate “feel” for the premise.

I provided Sirena a little help in polishing this tale, and I’d appreciate it you’d let me know what you think about the end result. And I promise that anyone watching this video will find Sirena incredibly engaging, as she provides a clever, campy narration, replete with dark eyeshadow. Anyone who has seen the Elvira character (Cassandra Peterson) present the late-night horror flicks that were more comical than scary (PLAN B FROM OUTER SPACE, for example), will love Sirena’s reading of THE CHOSEN ONE.

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