I have a great many clients I think a lot of, but none any more so than Sirena Gibson-Ross, an obviously misguided soul who started with me five or so years ago and has remained loyal. I’ve found her to be a wonderful talent with an imagination I envy, as I wish I possessed just a smidgen of what runs through that devilishly clever mind of hers. She’s recently brought out TROUBLE WITH ROBOTS, which is steam-Punk Sci-Fi with a noirish flair (I said, Sirena’s very imaginative). I’m discussing this book, however, for a reason separate from the story content, as Sirena has given me permission to provide the cost breakdown and other issues involving her bringing out this work of short fiction via Createspace.

The first element that caught my eye was that Createspace uses a POD format, which meant that Sirena had no start-up costs with the company, and layout was available via a template that many other writers have also told me is easy to use. And, as Sirena points out, with the push of a button anyone can own TROUBLE WITH ROBOTS. Her cost per book, and this includes cover, is $2.15, and a twenty count is sent to her for around a $15 shipping fee. Now, she’s in the Seattle area, and shipping rates of course depend on where a person lives, but this will at least provide a baseline.

She sells the book for $6.99 for the softcover and $1.99 for an e-copy, but I’m going to suggest that subscribers buy a softcover if considering Createspace, as $6.99 (plus Amazon’s S&H fee) will provide a clear touchy/feely understanding or Createspace’s production capability. I’m placing a copy of the cover below.  I promise, you will not have read anything like this story, and you’ll see what you can get from Createspace in the process. Just keep in mind that this is short fiction, which generally implies 10,000 words or less in most quarters, so don’t expect something the length of WAR AND PEACE, ha ha. Here’s the dandy cover:

mini cover(1)

Sirena also offered me some pointers to pass on if anyone should be interested in a “do it yourself” cover. The free Photoshop version is called GIMP, and she says that the best tutorial she’s found on image manipulation is on YouTube and titled “You Suck at Photoshop.” She mentioned one issue she had with her cover, and it was that most programs save at 72 dots per inch for Internet viewing, but that images for print will need to be at least at 300 dpi.

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