Trends in Publishing

Trends, for anyone desiring publication for the first time by a mainstream publisher (the Big 5 and Kensington), please read the tea leaves.  I’ve mentioned the groundswell of Young Adult material currently consuming so much of the fiction market.  If what follows doesn’t support the trends I’ve routinely been outlining in my Newsletters, I don’t know what does.  Publishers Marketplace listed just one published Thriller For the entire week of June 12, 2016.  And one lone Mystery, three Sci-Fi works, and one debut piece in the General category contributed to the dismal results. 

However, in YA and its four subgenres, contained twenty-four books published books  The other strong category, as always, remains Romance.  And to be fair, digital imprints signed four novels–three Science Fiction stories and one Thriller.  The opportunity for new writers breaking in via the mainstream houses remains tougher than ever.  But these statistics indicate a trend toward Young Adult as a genre that’s undeniable. 

This genre-specific activity has held up through the summer of 2016.  Children’s material, in virtually all its subgenres, has consumed the new release numbers.  Romance, as alluded to, continues at a strong, steady pace.  And the real drop-off appears in the Suspense category, which of course takes in Mysteries and Thrillers. 

Titles for the New Adult subgenre showed up as digital releases.  It looks as though NA and Romance control the main digital imprints.   I have not noticed much of anything else, and not a single nonfiction work has crossed over as a digital release.   I don’t know what to draw from this except for the one undeniable issue concerning the paucity of anything “new” occurring. 

The signing of Children’s-genre books remains strong, and the rest of the publishing industry holds to the status quo.  This trend implies a definite stifling of new material outside of Children’s material.  No great algorithm necessary to figure this out, as the signs all point to problems for debut authors in other genres.

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