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1530 Arrowhead Trail

Enterprise, FL  32725

The Perfect Write® offers comprehensive editing services, from manuscript critiques to complete revisions including line-editing and copyediting, as well as query letter composition.

For serious authors, The Perfect Write® offers a FREE OPENING-CHAPTER CRITIQUE (of material up to 5,000 words). Paste your material to the body of an e-mail (no attachments) and send to  You will need to provide your full name, the title of your work, its genre and word count, and if your book has ever been published in any medium.  Lead times depend on what I’m working on and the volume of material in my opening-chapter queue, but once I have your information I’ll get back to you with when you can expect my formal critique of your opening chapter. 

The Perfect Write® also provides FREE QUERY LETTER REVIEW AND ANALYSIS, a $62.50 Value. Paste your query to (no attachments) and click this Sample Letters Page link for examples of successful query letters.

Robert L. Bacon’s FREE NEWSLETTER is broadcast every third Tuesday of the the month at 1 p.m. EST.  To sign up,  scroll of the bottom of any page on Web site, and fill out the simple two-step form.  The Perfect Write® Newsletter focuses on writing prose at a level that people will pay to read, and on crafting material that will appeal to a major royalty publisher or a  bona fide independent press.

An article written by Mr. Bacon accompanies each FREE NEWSLETTER.  These articles focus on designing quality prose or the publishing industry as Mr. Bacon has come to know it during the past twenty-plus years as both a novelist and an editor.  Newsletter subscribers are always encouraged to offer suggestions for new topics or to have previous subjects revisited.



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