Robert Ludlum

Path to Published Author

The path to becoming published is sometimes all too clear.  It’s easy to understand why a writer might opt for self-publishing rather than send out the 400 query letters that’s now seemingly the threshold for landing a bona fide agent.  I pulled a random day from Publishers Marketplace to show […]

Franchise Writers, How Much Material They Really Write

The rapid rate at which certain franchise writers can churn out material is truly astounding.  The current franchise king, James Patterson, admits to utilizing a team of writers who flesh out stories for which he provides just an outline.  Some literary franchises, such as the long-dead Robert Ludlum’s, utilize material […]

“New” Beatrix Potter Manuscript Discovered

A Beatrix Potter manuscript was just “discovered,” and I predicted that after GO SET A WATCHMAN there would be a number of “remarkable” finds around the corner.  This has proved to be the case, and there will be more.  I wouldn’t even doubt if the book by Matthew, Mark, Luke, […]

Dead Major Authors Keep Writing

I’m not of the ”grassy knoll” ilk, but dead authors continue to write.  I found it peculiar that Harper Lee discovered a lost manuscript at a time when she was receiving enormous publicity regarding her estate’s disposition upon her death.  Now, 20 years after his death, a heretofore unknown Dr. […]