Pulitzer Prize

GONE GIRL Unresolved Ending Not Unique 2

Anyone who believes the abstract ending of GONE GIRL unique need only read AMERICAN PASTORAL, Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction in the mid-’90s. In AP, three-letter athlete, ex-Marine, and handsome, successful businessman Swede Levov learns that his beauty-queen wife is having an affair with their relatively unattractive architect. […]

Large Cash Stipend Literary Awards

I commented in last month’s Newsletter about the $50,000 Award for SE Asian Literature won by Jhumpa Lahiri; first, for the size of the stipend; and, second, for this amount slipping under my radar. Granted, this contest applied to only native SE Asian authors writing SE Asian content, but this […]

Quality Literature Major-Imprint Focus 2

Quality literature really does matter to the mainstream publishing houses.  In this long article I’m going to be discussing why mainstream publishers are crucial for the success of every writer, no matter how this author enters the world of becoming published.  My starting point is to suggest taking a look […]

Booker Award and Pulitzer Prize Winners Don’t Always Assure Large Sales Volume

I’ve often commented on how poorly some books sell that win major awards.  The U.K. Booker Prize is a prime example, as this year’s winner for fiction, THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH by Peter Flanagan, has sold just 7,000 copies.  The publisher is now printing 53,000 more copies […]

Book Reviews and How to Access Their Value

First, anyone can dislike anything for any reason.  A person might not like the color of my car, how I comb my hair, or the way I eat French-onion soup.  It happens.  Would any Newsletter subscriber lose sleep if another person didn’t like your habits pertaining to the three areas […]