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Client Published by “Big 5” Imprint

Client’s debut novel published by major house! Publishers Marketplace reported that one of my clients has had a debut novel signed by a Big 5 publisher.  I am prohibited by a confidentiality agreement from discussing the book or its author.  Regardless of this restriction, I’m of course delighted. This is […]

Plagiarized Books Remain A Huge Problem on Amazon

Publishers Marketplace provided this link concerning the plagiarized self-publishing of e-books on Amazon.   The article initially appeared on June 5, 2016, in “The Atlantic” magazine.  I’ve consistently (tragically) pointed out instances of prolific offenders who take advantage of bona fide authors by placing plagiarized works via Amazon.  The company […]

Dominating Publishing Trends for Fiction in 2016

During this past year I’ve mentioned dominating publisher trends.  YA, and particularly the Children’s and the Picture Book subgenres, continue their strength from 2015.  And if anyone can illustrate and tell a preschool story, this seems to be the market with the easiest barrier to entry at the major-house level. […]

Statistics Show Why It’s So Difficult for Debut Authors to Become Published by Big 5 Imprints

  Amazon has something like 500,000 exclusive self-published titles available–while the entire Big 5 with its several hundred imprints publishes around 50,000 titles each year.  And this includes both fiction and nonfiction.  If you read Publishers Marketplace, you’ll see that it reports about 50 new titles each day.  The math […]

Literary Agencies Offering Self-Publishing Services–Writers Take Warning

I continue to bemoan literary agencies offering self-publishing services for their clients. To date, I know of only one that has received any sort of success, and this is Dystel & Goderich, which from my recollection started the ball rolling from the perspective of “name” agencies getting involved with self-publishing. […]

Good Stories Sell Books Regardless of the Medium

Longtime Newsletter subscriber and client James Babb recently received an order for 180 copies of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE from a single school in Arkansas! At present, 4,000 copies of his book are in the hands of his avid fans. Another client, Mike Hartner, has compiled his totals for I, WALTER, […]

Publishers Marketplace Seems to Be Getting More Parochial of Late

For as long as I’ve been publishing my Newsletter I’ve advised folks to subscribe to Publishers Marketplace because the daily Publishers Lunch provides concurrent information. Michael Cader deserves enormous praise for taking his business in a dozen or so years from scratch to now serving 40,000 subscribers for his paid […]

Self-Publishing Sales and What the Numbers Really Mean

I continue to publish statistics for material written by my clients, first because I have their permission, ha ha, but second because I believe there is value in knowing that substantial sales can be made if quality stories are made available to the reading public.  The diversity of the marketing […]

“Fiery Seas Publishing” Principals Enter Historical Romance Fray After Abandoning Entranced Publishing Relationship

I’m a huge supporter of Publishers Marketplace, and I continue to believe it’s the best $25-a-month investment any serious writer can make.  One thing however I’ve noticed of late is that Mr. Cader’s “Daily Deal’s” report is displaying placements to little-known independent imprints by well-known agents.  In some cases, it […]