Nora Roberts

Franchise Writers, How Much Material They Really Write

The rapid rate at which certain franchise writers can churn out material is truly astounding.  The current franchise king, James Patterson, admits to utilizing a team of writers who flesh out stories for which he provides just an outline.  Some literary franchises, such as the long-dead Robert Ludlum’s, utilize material […]

DeMille Cites Five Editors for “Radiant Angel”

One of my favorite contemporary writers is Nelson DeMille.  I’ve often discussed UP COUNTRY in my Newsletters and that I consider this a work of Literature, it’s that well written and thought-provoking.  I don’t know of a writer who is better at holding a reader’s interest, which is no easy […]

Writers United Files Amazon Lawsuit

Writers United, a group of 900 or so members and headed by Douglas Preston (a writer whose work I’ve not read) is calling for the Justice Department to investigate Amazon, essentially for operating a monopoly.  I normally wouldn’t comment on this because it’s like saying that the Pope is a […]

Clearly Identifying Genre Is Crucial in Today’s Literary Marketplace

I’ve often commented on the importance of understanding the genre in which a work is written, but I’ve also said that it’s easy to become confused.  A great example of the way genre can get fouled up is when analyzing a book such as NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.  I […]