Mike Hartner

I, MARY, Mike Hartner’s Historical Adventure Series, Book 3

Chapter 1 I looked upon the gray waters that surrounded me. To the west it was dark and cloudy, the wind blustering. But as I braced myself against the gale hitting full force against my peacoat, I smiled. It was fitting that I was here, and nothing could ever convince […]

“I, Walter” by Mike Hartner Wins Dual First-Place Chanticleer Awards

I’m of course ecstatic when a client’s work is singled out for excellence, and Mike Hartner received two first-place, blue-ribbon awards for I, WALTER at the recent Chanticleer Awards, one for YA and the other for Historical Fiction.  The Historical Fiction related to I, WALTER is of the picaresque variety, […]

Self-Publishing Successes and a Marketing Idea or Two

If a self-published book can acquire a following, it has proven that it is marketable.  How marketable of course is dictated by actual sales numbers, and these are going to be based almost entirely on the aggressiveness of the author related to his or her commitment to the story.  As […]

Good Stories Sell Books Regardless of the Medium

Longtime Newsletter subscriber and client James Babb recently received an order for 180 copies of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE from a single school in Arkansas! At present, 4,000 copies of his book are in the hands of his avid fans. Another client, Mike Hartner, has compiled his totals for I, WALTER, […]