Mick Rooney

Random House Severs Ties With AuthorSolutions

AuthorSolutions, Inc., affiliation with Random House ended as fast as it began.  On January 5, 2016, Random House announced that it sold its stake in AuthorSolutions, Inc.  An Indian outfit, Najafi, became the new shareholder.  This firm has been buying up political hot potatoes for some time.  It will remain […]

Mick Rooney Interview, “The Independent Publishing Magazine” Founder

I want to introduce Mick Rooney, who is the founder and publisher of The Independent Publisher Magazine, an Internet-based medium that focuses on aiding writers seeking to self-publish. Here is the Q&A I structured, and I’m immensely pleased that Mick is sharing his experiences and expertise with all of us. […]

“The Independent Publishing Magazine”

I came across what I believe is a very good resource for writers, and even though it’s geared to self-publishing, I’m of the opinion that anyone seeking publication at any level would benefit from “The Independent Publishing Magazine.” This is an e-medium founded by a chap named Mick Rooney, and […]