mainstream publishing

Mainstream Publisher Still the Best Path to Pursue

Seeking a mainstream publisher first continues to remain the best choice for most writers. And, yes, even with all the self-publishing options now available. One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time is by agent Howard Yoon on “How to Make a Bestselling Book.  I believe that […]

New Adult and Romance Lead Digital Imprints

New Adult and Romance genres lead digital publishing by mainstream imprints.  A substantial opportunity exists for New Adult (the 18-to-21 age group) and Romance material, and there are open doors for debut authors in both genres as well. The advances for digital New Adult and Romance material might not be […]

Quality Literature Major-Imprint Focus 2

Quality literature really does matter to the mainstream publishing houses.  In this long article I’m going to be discussing why mainstream publishers are crucial for the success of every writer, no matter how this author enters the world of becoming published.  My starting point is to suggest taking a look […]