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Legal Decision on “Class Action” Status for ASI Lawsuit

Legal decision imminent?  A number of writers have contacted me concerning issues with Author Solutions, Inc., and one or more of this company’s dozen or so imprints (Xlibris, iUniverse, Author House, et al.)  Shortly, a decision will be forthcoming regarding whether or not class action status will be allowed for […]

Author Solutions Inc. Banned from Penguin U.K., and Exorbitant Fees for Kirkus Reviews

On the negative side of the publishing equation, a while ago Penguin UK banned Author Solutions Inc. from advertising in its Booksellers trade journal.  ASI (iUniverse, Xilibris, et al.) was charging clients what amounted to $10,000 in U.S. funds for listing a book in their promo material.  In the future, […]

Kirkus Review Hokus-Pokus and Writer’s Digest Ending Relationship with Abbott Press

Several times in Newsletters during the past several years I’ve commented on my opinion of Kirkus Reviews and what I perceive as their lack of value.  My contention is that the integrity of these reviews is suspect since the service is vended to authors for $400 by the Kirkus organization.  […]