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OMICS Group FTC Probe?

OMICS Group.  Who?  Talk about trying to snag a goldfish when several bloated carp are available for easy netting.  The FTC has cited an educational publisher, The OMICS Group, for deceptive practices.  Purportedly, this company misrepresented its services to scholars.  The FTC argument contends that OMICS, and a couple of […]

Reviewers Can’t Be Objective According to NYT

Book reviewers can’t be objective, according to The New York Times.  Really?  I have often railed about what I consider ridiculously inaccurate book reviews.  Especially when it’s obvious to me by a reviewer’s remark that he or she never read the book either closely or in its entirety. Here’s an […]

Rigging Book Reviews

It’s impossible to understand what’s occurred with book reviews related to everything from relevancy to honesty without mentioning John Locke’s admission that he paid for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 book reviews and found this perfectly all right. I’ve always believed that it’s easy to be enamored with something […]

Large Cash Stipend Literary Awards

I commented in last month’s Newsletter about the $50,000 Award for SE Asian Literature won by Jhumpa Lahiri; first, for the size of the stipend; and, second, for this amount slipping under my radar. Granted, this contest applied to only native SE Asian authors writing SE Asian content, but this […]