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I don’t believe many people have registered stronger opposition to Amazon’s monopoly status than I.  Indeed, the firm’s reach extends to virtually all aspects of consumer commerce.  But I’ve also pointed out what I consider the positive of what the company has created with respect to entities such as CreateSpace.  […]


I have a great many clients I think a lot of, but none any more so than Sirena Gibson-Ross, an obviously misguided soul who started with me five or so years ago and has remained loyal. I’ve found her to be a wonderful talent with an imagination I envy, as […]

Amazon Has Difficulty Marketing Its Private-Label Titles

It sure ain’t easy, even for the very best, to market a book in today’s environment. Amazon’s private imprints are a prime example, as it’s been widely reported that their general trade lines have fallen woefully short of expectations. I commented in my Newsletter that Larry Kirshbaum, Amazon’s private label […]