“Word” Indexing/TOC Links

Kimberly Hitchens, the founder of, provides this link for anyone interested in learning Microsoft Word the right way.  I find the material amazingly comprehensive.  For anyone not proficient with the nuances of Word, this is one link that’s a must to bookmark. You might want to tell Kimberly how […]

Writer’s Digest and BookBaby–What This Amalgamation Provides for Authors

Writer’s Digest, after abandoning its relationship–and it’s my opinion wisely so–with Author Solutions as a self-publishing arm, had hooked up with BookBaby.  Digital can be done for around $400, and a print component added to it will cost a writer approximately $3,000.  Anyone can do digital, with a clean draft, […]

Copyright Issue Authors Need to Understand

Not long ago I wrote an article on copyright nuance, and I devoted a short section in a recent Newsletter to the issue, as it’s ultra important and very confusing.  First and foremost, since 1989 no work requires the copyright symbol © after its title to be legally considered the […]