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Darwinism Invades Mainstream Publishing 2

Longtime client, Sirena Gibson-Ross, wrote me recently regarding her experiences and opinions related to the current state of the publishing industry.  She titled her piece “Publishing Darwinism,” and it’s my contention that her thoughts could not be more accurate or prophetic: She says, “I have a suggestion to up your […]

Self-Publishing Successes and a Marketing Idea or Two

If a self-published book can acquire a following, it has proven that it is marketable.  How marketable of course is dictated by actual sales numbers, and these are going to be based almost entirely on the aggressiveness of the author related to his or her commitment to the story.  As […]

Panda and Penguin Algorithms Affect Google Rankings by Dampening Article-Aggregator Proliferation

With respect to book marketing for authors starting out, I’ve often suggested that these writers consider writing short articles on subjects that pertain to the respective books they wrote and post these on an article-aggregator site. I singled out EzineArticles as the one I used that got me on the […]