Author Solutions Inc.

Alliant International University/AuthorSolutions, Inc. 2

Author Solutions, Inc., has teamed up with Alliant International University. According to Andrew Phillips, ASI president and CEO, “. . . the efficiencies of supported self-publishing to the university-press model could dramatically reduce barriers of entry, ultimately resulting in learning institutions disseminating scholarship for the greater good.” First, I didn’t […]

Author Solutions Inc. Banned from Penguin U.K., and Exorbitant Fees for Kirkus Reviews

On the negative side of the publishing equation, a while ago Penguin UK banned Author Solutions Inc. from advertising in its Booksellers trade journal.  ASI (iUniverse, Xilibris, et al.) was charging clients what amounted to $10,000 in U.S. funds for listing a book in their promo material.  In the future, […]

Writer’s Digest and BookBaby–What This Amalgamation Provides for Authors

Writer’s Digest, after abandoning its relationship–and it’s my opinion wisely so–with Author Solutions as a self-publishing arm, had hooked up with BookBaby.  Digital can be done for around $400, and a print component added to it will cost a writer approximately $3,000.  Anyone can do digital, with a clean draft, […]