Successful Authors Choosing Disparate Routes

An issue I’ve discussed often during this past year was the various routes successful authors are now taking.  Some, like John Locke, have set up their own publishing companies.  I predict we’ll see a more of this trend next year and in years to come.  Some very successful self-published authors, however, have gone to mainstream houses, following Amanda Hocking’s lead from a while back.  And recently Jeffrey Deavers wrote a book solely for audio.  This certainly demonstrates the wide disparity in trends–and that one size definitely does not fit all.

Ms. Hocking seems to one a few who have been very successful financially as a result of self-publishing and then personally sought out a mainstream publisher.  Most stay with self-publishing–and the larger piece of the financial pie this allows.  It’s impossible to predict who will do what, but in 2016 several well-known, Big 5-published writers decided to go it alone.  More have discussed following suit in earnest.  This is why I believe setting up a personal publishing company will be more commonplace for big-name authors as the years progress.

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