Sterling Lord Literistic Now Working with Self-Published Authors

On a positive note, I read that the literary agency Sterling Lord Literistic, which routinely ranks in the top five with titles placed each year, has hired an associate agent with a responsibility to work with successful self-published authors.  Since there is no history yet with this person I’m not going to provide the name, but I believe that before much longer every agency that’s larger than a single-shingle entity will employ someone to exclusively handle self-published authors.  It only makes sense, the same as I’m of the opinion that there will be separation between print and digital. 
I say this because I have many clients who read only from a tablet or cell phone, and they seem to gravitate to a certain type of work such as Sci-Fi; while, conversely, Romance appears to continue to be the domain of the bound book.  Someone said to me it’s like holding a lover around the waist as opposed to watching that person walk by.  I found that overly dramatic, but it was that person’s rationale, so I’m providing it to accept or refute.  Regardless of one’s predilection for a reading medium, it does seem as though distinct genre preferences exist pertaining to what someone will read in which environment.  Time will tell if this is just a passing fad or if specific lines can be drawn that delineate digital from print.  It’s my contention that this is something to keep an eye on. 

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