Statistics Show Why It’s So Difficult for Debut Authors to Become Published by Big 5 Imprints

Amazon has something like 500,000 exclusive self-published titles available–while the entire Big 5 with its several hundred imprints publishes around 50,000 titles each year.  And this includes both fiction and nonfiction.  If you read Publishers Marketplace, you’ll see that it reports about 50 new titles each day.  The math tells me that 50 new books coming out each day equates to around 18,000 per year.  When a person breaks this down first by fiction/nonfiction, and then by genre, if becomes easy to understand why it’s hard to break in with a major royalty publisher, since each house publishes only a dozen or two titles per year for its respective imprints.  And if a publisher supports 100 or so established writers for every one of its individual genres, and these authors continue to churn out material–well, it’s not too difficult to understand why becoming published for the first time by a major house is indeed a daunting task.

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