Seventh Street Books Offers Open-Submission Platform for Crime Fiction

A new publisher, Seventh Street Books, is accepting unsolicited submissions for Crime Fiction. I’ve done what due diligence I could, and from all appearances this firm is legitimate.  I commonly cite outfits that are using a publishing front to ensnare unsuspecting writers to pay for editing and other marketing options under the assumption that the firm will then publish the book.
As for Seventh Street Books, it appears the firm has multiple author agreements, ranging from a standard advance to a consignment deal.  But, and I stress the following, it does not appear that this company requires any fees whatsoever from the writer.  So, for writers of Crime Fiction, this appears to be a legitimate opportunity, and according to the publicity, a writer can submit an entire finished draft and not just a few pages or the opening couple of chapters.
The one suspect part of any company’s accepting a “full” up-front is that reading this much material usually has strings attached; e.g., “Our editorial team has found your story to be extremely compelling and possessing outstanding commercial appeal; however, we feel there are certain aspects of your wonderful material that would benefit from additional work so your novel can be brought to a publishable level. My firm offers….”  Everyone knows the rest. If any subscribers should submit to Seventh Street Books, please let me know of your experience(s) and I’ll be certain write a follow-up piece in a future Newsletter.

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