Rule Number 1 – Author Self-Marketing Essential 2

Rule number 1 is inviolable, and during this past year I’ve devoted more Newsletter space to discussing successful “self-marketing” techniques my author/clients have told me about than any other single topic. 
One client gets up very early every Saturday morning and sells at Green Markets.  Another does free-book giveaways for charities.  Another does radio interviews.  Another co-ops with other writers to put on public readings at bookstores.  Another splits the profit in return for permission to set up a desk at a “used” bookstore in a mini-mall (I know, but this person swears it works).
Several subscribers have successfully approached local libraries and been granted permission to pitch and sell their books on-site.  One female client, as people leave a movie theater, hands out book markers with her book’s cover on it and ordering information. 
The list goes on, but the meme for rule number 1 is the same: “If I don’t sell my book, it’s certainly not going to get in front of the public on its own.”

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