About Robert L. Bacon


My name is Robert L. Bacon, and after a 30-year career in sales and marketing, predominantly in the healthcare industry, I founded The Perfect Write® as a means to provide editorial assistance.

I’ve written six novels—three Mysteries and three Thrillers.  I also facilitated Developmental, Intermediate, and Advanced Writing Workshops sponsored by The Palm Beach County Library System, and I offer the syllabuses and notes for each of these series at no charge to anyone who would like to conduct writing workshops in a community setting.

I publish a monthly Newsletter that focuses on writing prose at a level people would pay to read and the publishing industry as I’ve come to know it during the past 20-plus years as both a novelist and an editor.  My Newsletter began in 2009 as a means to offer continuing education to 19 members of a developmental writing workshop group after the series ended.  As of January of 2016, the Newsletter is sent to writers in 45 countries.

To accompany each edition, I design an article that pertains to some aspect of writing or publishing, and at the behest of Newsletter subscribers I’ve assembled more than 120 of these articles in a single volume titled HOW TO WRITE WHAT PEOPLE WILL PAY TO READ!  This compendium is currently available in an e-book format exclusively via Amazon for $2.99, and the second edition is now in print for $11.99.

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