Free Opening-Chapter Critique

An opening-chapter critique from The Perfect Write® discusses in detail the pertinent issues related to publishability.  Never has this been more important than in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.

The specifics of any critique are of course dependent on the actual narrative.  However, the analysis normally includes most if not all of the following: the quality of the setup (the hook), the overall readability of the text, the depth of the characterizations, the dimension of the characters, the pacing, pitch, tone and voice of the material, the quality of the dialogue, transitioning and continuity of the syntax, grammar from a global perspective, and anything else deemed to improve the prose.

No editor can guarantee that a manuscript will become published by a mainstream house (as of 2016, the Big 5 and Kensington).  And no one can assure that a self-published work will attract an audience.  With more than a million new releases each year vying for a readership, all the stars need to align.  A story that reads as professionally written should be every author’s primary task.  A Free Opening-Chapter critique from The Perfect Write® will point an author in the right direction.

The requirement are easy.  Paste the first chapter of your manuscript (up to 5,000 words) to (no attachments).




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