New Adult and Romance Lead Digital Imprints

New Adult and Romance genres lead digital publishing by mainstream imprints.  A substantial opportunity exists for New Adult (the 18-to-21 age group) and Romance material, and there are open doors for debut authors in both genres as well.

The advances for digital New Adult and Romance material might not be the $20,000 of old, but upfront royalties are being paid.  So the royalty-imprint e-book option should not be ignored by previously unpublished authors writing in either genre.

Publishers Lunch lists who’s publishing what, so this will enable authors considering digital material for both genres.  I’m also noticing that some reputable concerns will accept unagented submissions. Just be certain to do the proper due diligence before getting too excited, should an opportunity present itself.

Publishers Marketplace does a fantastic job of ferreting out the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  However, this does not mean their efforts are infallible.  Scammers are clever and always working very hard to get trusting writers to open their wallets wide, so every author must remain alert and not get caught up in the hype that can sometimes follow a submission.

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