Arkansas Historical Society Honors James Babb

I’m immensely happy to once again praise client James Babb, who recently accepted an award for excellence presented by The Arkansas Historical Society for his novel THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE. James was particularly pleased with this honor because it validated that his story was indeed historically accurate. James has not had the opportunity to adequately promote his sequel, THE DEVIL’S TRAP, which I believe when it’s said and done will be even more popular than TDB. I’m beating my chest a little bit regarding TDB, as I suggested during my critique of this work that James look into the protagonist as one of America’s first documented serial murderers. James learned that this was in fact correct, and I urge anyone who liked the miniseries CHIEFS to pick up a copy of TDT, as James’s sequel is electrifying. And I guarantee that readers will become enamored with Brody (if not already via THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE), as he’s a fabulous protagonist everyone will want to root for.  The Arkansas Historical Society made a superb decision in honoring James Babb.

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