Indie Publisher Midnight Ink Wins Bid for Book

Interesting vignette I read regarding Midnight Ink, a quality indie Mystery imprint many writers will be familiar with, winning a bid not long ago for a book that was auctioned.  I’m not aware of an indie seriously bidding for a project in the current publishing climate, so it shows that good material will be highly sought, and not just by the Big 5.  In all candor, I’ve found Midnight Ink a close match for any major when it comes to selectivity.  And Terri Bischoff, whom I chatted with at length during a conference a few years ago, is an extremely competent submissions editor for this house.
I have a story about Terri Bischoff I want to relate.  Some years ago I sent her a book I’d been trying to peddle for at least a decade, thinking it might be a good match for her imprint, only to get a rejection sent via her personal e-mail address, which is something like “terribi@midnightink.”  My immediate response was, “Oh, my gosh, she thought my book was terrible.”  She had a good laugh when I told her about this and said I was the second writer who’d had the same reaction to her e-mail address.  You have to admit, seeing “terribi” in a tagline wouldn’t exactly give a writer the warm fuzzies when waiting on pins and needles for a decision on a manuscript.  FYI, Terri used to accept unsolicited manuscripts but no longer does, so Midnight Ink is very much like the Big 5 in this respect as well. 

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