“I, Walter” by Mike Hartner Wins Dual First-Place Chanticleer Awards

I’m of course ecstatic when a client’s work is singled out for excellence, and Mike Hartner received two first-place, blue-ribbon awards for I, WALTER at the recent Chanticleer Awards, one for YA and the other for Historical Fiction.  The Historical Fiction related to I, WALTER is of the picaresque variety, and I wish that everyone would take the time to understand this about Mike’s stories, as the trials and tribulations of his protagonists are written in a humorous vein, no different from Quixote or Cellini, or, contemporarily, Forrest Gump. 
The viewing of historical events painted with broad brushstrokes is what adds humor to I, WALTER as well as its successor, I, JAMES, and this tongue-in-cheek treatment will continue as a key component of the entire series.  Hence, it’s important to recognize that the “I” oeuvre is not Historical Fiction in the sense of Gore Vidal’s BURR, but a fun look at various aspects of everyday life in the era of each volume in the series.  I chuckle at Mike’s ingenuity, and his ever-expanding readership is testimony to how well his clever tweaking of actual events is being received.  Here’s another link for I, JAMES on Amazon. 

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