HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN, by Dave Mallegol, the Third Book in the “The Story of the Bronze Horsemen” Series

HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN, by Dave Mallegol, is the third book in “The Bronze Horsemen” trilogy, all of which I’ve provided editorial assistance in one capacity or another.

The tales of “The Bronze Horsemen” are special for a number of reasons.  At the top of the list is the immense amount of effort Dave put into his research.  Good fiction requires great facts, and writers must never lose sight of this.

I’ve posted the opening chapter to HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN on my critique blog, so please do yourself a favor and read it.  And here’s the Amazon link to HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN  so it can be purchased.

Any writer who is working on “period” material will find Dave’s story worth reading.  The novel clearly demonstrates how to deal with time and distance–as there was certainly no clear definition 3,000 years ago.  Dave did a masterful job in many ways, and HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN is a fine learning tool as well as good reading.


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