Hammon’s List of Literary Agents Seeking Authors

I stumbled upon an independent Web site, Bill Hammon’s List of Literary Agents and Their Books.  This site offers a list of agents currently seeking authors.

I’m familiar with the agencies listed (in May of 2016), of which there are four.  I cannot suggest strongly enough that anyone with a manuscript in highly polished form should check out the agents from this group.  Be certain to verify genre, and if a match by all means follow the submission criteria of the agent queried.

Without question, one of the two best times to contact an agent with new material is when that person is just setting up shop in a new agency.  (The other is right after the agent has had a debut author published by a major imprint.)  I mention both scenarios for obvious reasons.

One bit of advice based on my personal experience.  These agents, while new to the business at this level, are not pushovers.  To land an agent’s job with a major agency requires years in the industry in one capacity or another. Also, sometimes a new agent can be overly cautious, hence not willing to take any risks whatsoever.  But I’ve found that most agents working to set up their respective client lists are eager to begin entertaining prospects.  So, here again is the link to Bill Hammon’s Web page that provides the names of agents currently seeking authors.

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