Ghost Story by Sirena Ross on “The Catalyst”

Sirena Ross’s 15-minute video narration of her short ghost story, THE CHOSEN ONE, on a site called The Catalyst, is in my opinion worth any writer’s time to view, as this technique clearly demonstrates another very-high-quality method for stimulating interest–and not only for the story but for its author as well. Asking subscribers to spend 15 minutes on a video is indeed requesting a lot, but I strongly suggest tuning in for whatever time can be spared to develop a legitimate “feel” for the premise. On The Catalyst page, Sirena’s video for THE CHOSEN ONE is accessed via the third (last) mini-screen on the right.

I provided Sirena a little help in polishing this tale, and I’d appreciate it you’d let me know what you think about the end result. And I promise that anyone watching this video will find Sirena incredibly engaging, as she provides a clever, campy narration, replete with dark eyeshadow. Anyone who has seen the Elvira character (Cassandra Peterson) present the late-night horror flicks that were more comical than scary (PLAN B FROM OUTER SPACE, for example), will love Sirena’s reading of THE CHOSEN ONE.

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