Genre for Children’s Books Remains Strong

Anyone who follows book sales results that are tracked by the major booksellers and others will notice just how strong the Children’s genre remains.  I remarked recently that Thrillers are flat to down (sadly, since this is what I write).  This pattern follows the entire Suspense category, while Children’s and Romance are on fire.

I also found it of interest that Children’s e-books took a substantial downturn.  This implies that kids prefer the print copy.  I’ve long expressed my view on this, as I see children, especially in the younger-demographic subgenres, preferring to hold a book in their hands to looking at something on a monitor.  This might change when 3-D and virtual reality become the norm, as I foresee a huge market for virtual-reality books.  But for now I’m staying with my original contention regarding the continuing appeal of the printed book with youths.

Yet to fast forward, imagine if each book we buy immediately becomes a streaming video as well.  There’s not a single genre that won’t benefit.  Of course every book will not get the Hollywood treatment.  However, I can see blockbusters emerging from the book market in ways that might never have occurred otherwise.  And to clarify one aspect of my contention, I don’t anticipate books streamed in the same manner as movies.  Yet I see important “still” scenes showing up as pictures.  This  will do wonders for physical scene description as well as character depiction.

I don’t believe it will be too far into the future when this sort of media becomes available.  And perhaps Sci-Fi will be the seminal genre to showcase, as we all want to know what the Zigbrignons “really” look like, right?  Or the corner grocery store on Bilgonab and the means by which the aliens routinely get from one place to another.

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