Gatekeeper Remains Publishers’ Domain

Gatekeeper responsibility remains the domain of mainstream publishers, and for good reason according to many observers.

Here’s an article from longtime Random House editor Daniel Menaker that was almost a carbon copy of the theme from last month’s Newsletter regarding the need for mainstream publishers to serve as gatekeepers.  I’m in no way saying either or us is correct, and I certainly didn’t know beforehand that Mr. Menaker’s piece was in the works, but I’ve yet to find a better way to offer a legitimate method for evaluating material. 

I don’t like it that some horrid books are self-proclaimed by their Big 5 publishers as “great” literature, but what about self-published works that are highly touted but equally suspect?   For me, it gets down to this: Would I want a layman performing heart surgery?  My remark might seem out of context, but if you will take the time to read Mr. Menaker’s article, I believe what I wrote will make sense.  Regardless, I’m all ears for a better solution, and I encourage subscribers to weigh in on this subject, of which there is likely nothing more controversial in the entire publishing sphere.  Please give me your opinion.  

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