“Everything to Lose” by Pete and Judy Ratto

As an editor, of course my greatest delight of all is when a client of mine is published by a bona fide royalty publisher.  Unfortunately, in the overwhelming majority of instances I’m not able to discuss the material because of nondisclosure agreements.  These are particularly prevalent in fiction and a part of the business anyone who edits novels must accept or seek other employment.  Pete and Judy Ratto, however, granted me permission to showcase their engrossing, tightly designed Thriller, EVERYTHING TO LOSE.

Anyone who enjoys a solid storyline with lots of well-designed twists will find EVERYTHING TO LOSE a pleasure to read.  The narrative introduces an exciting protagonist, Lucas Holt, with a new wrinkle.  He combines Delta Force training with NYPD-detective sleuthing skills to aid in kidnap recovery.  However, plagued by his own demons, the unsolved abduction of his own daughter, fifteen years earlier, continues to haunt him.  The ending to EVERYTHING TO LOSE raised the hair on my arms.  I’m dead serious about this, as it was altogether unexpected and genuinely frightening.

I’ve posted the the opening chapter of EVERYTHING TO LOSE on my Critique Blog.  And for everyone who enjoys this novel by Pete and Judy Ratto, I’ll be working on the second book in their series later this winter.  The planned publication date is sometime during the summer of 2016.  One advantage of signing with an Indy publisher is that many of them can advance material to print much quicker than the majors.  In many cases the mainstream houses currently hold to a lead time as long as 14 or more months.

Here’s the link to purchase EVERYTHING TO LOSE in paperback via Amazon.  I’m certain that Mr. and Mrs. Ratto would be delighted to hear from those who read their book.  Anyone who reads my drivel is free to use the comment box on this site.  I’ll forward the responses to Pete and Judy.

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