Espresso Book Machine Formatting Templates

My meme for some time has been the same.  We’ll see the Espresso Book Machine or something like it taking the place of a great many brick and mortar bookstores in the not too distant future.  And “Espresso” is now touting its self-publishing capability and offering easy-to-apply templates for formatting and covers. 

I have no idea how easy this will be.  Especially if the writer hasn’t utilized a competent formatter such as (which lays out an e-book starting at less than $200). But I do believe that the Espresso overall process will become easier and “cleaner”–and cheaper.  Still, I highly recommend a “human” formatter who knows what is necessary to get this aspect of self-publishing right.  And certainly if a writer is truly planning to go it alone. 

The only way to determine if the new formatting program works easily is to try it.  However, regardless of its ease of use, a professional formatting concern such as is likely the best plan of action for most people.  Especially for those of us who remain challenged by the complexity the “one click away” scenarios.  Yes, those simplistic directions that leave us on the phone with techies, and often for a hour or more.


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