E-Book Price Points–Best Days of Week to Run Promotions

I have some statistics I want to share regarding the two separate free promotions I ran on Amazon for HOW TO WRITE WHAT PEOPLE WILL PAY TO READ!  The initial promotion ran for three days, February 24-26, and the second freebee ran over the March 21-22 weekend.  The 3-day promotion that occurred on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday produced 568 takers, while the 2-day offering appealed to just 86.  If we do the math, this means that the weekend produced a paltry 15-percent participation rate overall and an average daily rate of return of 23 percent if I factor out the extra day.

It could be assumed that the vast majority of people who wanted the book took advantage of the first promotion.  But I learned when I was studying the optimum time to broadcast a newsletter that the weekdays are exponentially better than weekends, and at first pass it appears that the same end-dynamics apply to a free-book promotion.  I’d very much like to hear from subscribers who have run free promotions on Amazon so we can all determine if the weekday versus weekend experiences bear out the same results.  Knowing this will certainly help all of us take advantage of this promotion medium we have available to us via Amazon.  I had tried the $.99 promotion that ran for one week and it produced virtually no interest, so “free” definitely has its advantages.

The exposure is undeniable, and my book’s sales have picked up tenfold.  And, what I hoped would happen, my Newsletter subscriber base is being augmented, as well.  In the past couple of years I’ve published a number of “reports” from writers who have priced their books at various levels, both on Amazon and elsewhere.  For example, it seems as though keeping the “retail” under $20 by a buck or two works well for writers selling their books themselves, regardless of the venue.  And the $2.99 price appears to be a good niche for e-books, although later this year I’m going to move my book of articles up to $7.99 and see what occurs, as many subscribers have told me this has been effective for their own books.  It must be clearly understood that what I’m proposing for my book of articles is predicated on its being nonfiction.  I remain on the fence regarding the selling of self-published fiction in a digital format above $2.99 and expecting much response.

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