Declining E-Book Sales

A number of reputable sources have recently reported declining e-book sales, and client and longtime Newsletter subscriber Ali Alebrahim sent me a wonderful article that succinctly explains what I too believe are the reasons for the softer numbers. As I recently said regarding my personal library, if I desire credibility from the perspective of at least showing that I possess the books I routinely discuss, showing a person into the guest room in my home that houses ridiculously overloaded bookshelves provides me with greater confidence than pointing to a digital reader. The printed book, for whatever reason, is sort of like holding a check in my hands rather than having the money deposited by PayPal. Probably both are ridiculous images to continue to retain, but I continue to retain these beliefs. I guess I just like turning the physical page as I finish reading it. I know, get with the 21st century, ha ha. My fear is that someday no one will know what a good steak tastes like, as everyone will be getting all nourishment from a pill, kind of in line with the Zagar and Evans tune, “In the year 2525.” Maybe by then all extant books will be on a chip inserted into each baby when the child is born. Then all arts and letters will be a process of assimilation. This puts Orwell’s 1984 right in line with the dinosaurs, and that’s not a joke no matter how sad I find the analogy. At least the lull in e-book sales shows a little hope for the literal printed word on a piece of paper, and I once again want to thank Ali Alebrahim for providing the article.


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