“The Story Siren,” Kristi Diehm, and Admitted Plagiarism

I want to apologize for linking The Story Siren as a resource for gleaning a review for YA material.  I bit on the propaganda someone sent me, without vetting the sender.  Frankly, I have no way of knowing it wasn’t The Story Siren herself, Kristi Diehm.  The same Kristi Diehm who admitted plagiarizing six separate works.  Incredibly, after admitting her guilt, she continued to operate her site.  Not until finally succumbing to intense public pressure did she close it down.

The brouhaha came to a head some time ago, but I failed to remember any on it until late last year.  I have since removed her link from theperfectwrite.com Links Page.  However, the link’s continued presence on my site could lead someone to believe I supported Ms. Diehm.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And I offer my heartfelt apology to anyone who got involved in any way with The Story Siren and Kristi Diehm because of my tacit recommendation.

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