David McKenna’s Personal Blog Assists Authors

David McKenna’s blog is a fine offering that writers might want to consider adding to their “file.”

David has been a longtime editing client.  And I’ve found him to be a talented writer with a gift for weaving a complex and entertaining story.  He added a post recently that served as a companion piece to a segment I placed on my personal blog.  The material relates to Amazon’s pricing structure for Prime.

In my opinion, a blog such as David’s is one of few ways any of who write can potentially influence the Amazon royalties.  These “bonuses,” as Amazon refers to them, are a recondite mess of Byzantine proportions.  And as time has gone by the payouts are more confusing than ever.  All of us should thank David, and those like him.  Those caring souls who publicly acknowledge the picayune payouts writers often receive from publishers at all levels.

The best way I know for any of us to gain traction for our respective works is to support one another.  Especially when we believe a raised voice is all that’s avialiable.  For this reason I strongly suggest David McKenna’s blog as an excellent site to both follow and participate in the dialogue.


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