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I don’t believe many people have registered stronger opposition to Amazon’s monopoly status than I.  Indeed, the firm’s reach extends to virtually all aspects of consumer commerce.  But I’ve also pointed out what I consider the positive of what the company has created with respect to entities such as CreateSpace.  I found this entity be an incredibly “open” environment. 

Because of the TOC and Index in my book of articles, I had all sorts of continuity and layout issues.  The first with pagination and the second with respect to appearance.  Word didn’t convert to a PDF for CreateSpace as I’d hoped.  For anyone who says that a PDF always converts exactly as it appears, I can assure that person that this isn’t correct.  “Bullets” create all sorts of problems, for example.  And I had to resort to boldfacting a star symbol ( * ) in some text or I’d still be approaching another guru to help me.  As it ended up, four different experts helped with this project before it reached completion.

This would never had occurred if the TOC and Index had not been components of the book.  This illustrates that I should have started over with the TOC and Index–completely from scratch–instead of playing catch-up.  However, in bringing this project to fruition, two customer service experts (and they are indeed experts with respect to CreateSpace) both spent several hours on the phone with me on two separate occasions so I could get everything in order.  And they provided a link to an application I’m gong to share with subscribers because I found it exceptional.  It is oddly named (in my opinion)  I say oddly named because what it provides is anything but small.  The site offers a dozen options that allow the immediate and FREE conversion of a text from Word to a PDF–and back again.  And if I can do this, as those who have worked with me on layout issues will attest, anybody can.


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