Clive Cussler’s Amazing Book Sales Statistics

I had a good chuckle when I read the final legal disposition regarding the film company that was suing Clive Cussler, his agent, and his publishers as a result of SAHARA’s producing less than desired box office receipts (way less).  Seems everyone was suing Mr. Cussler et al. for overestimating his sales at 100 million books when in fact he sold just 40 million.  Huh?  This case began in the mid ’70s and has just recently been adjudicated with no winners except for the attorneys.  Sound familiar?  It required an independent forensic accountant to come up with the 40 million figure (actually 42 million) after sifting through 1,500 documents.  Aren’t writers always told “It’s all right there in the royalty statements?”  Of course it is–when donkeys fly.  Here’s a link should subscribers desire a little more background on this case, which I found fascinating.

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