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5 thoughts on “Books By Clients

  • David Mallegol

    Rob Bacon is the professional all writers need. He will make you better.. he adds what you can not do as well.. and your writers groups can not come close. You must pay to have your book become as good as it can be.. this is money well spent.. his expertise and advice, his editing and critiques and full line edits helped me publish three historic novels. The Bronze Horsemen, Adventures of the Bronze Horsemen and Hunt for the Wolf Clan. David Mallegol

    • Rob Bacon

      Dave, the editors I know all try to do the very best they can for their clients, and I’d like to think I follow the same edict as well. I appreciate your continued support, especially now that we’ve worked together for so many years.

  • Mike Hartner

    I’ll second the comments of David Mallegol. Rob Bacon is the professional all writers need. He’s always on point with comments about structure and edits. I definitely recommend his work every chance I get.

    • Rob Bacon

      Sooz, I’m just going my job. For your part, you’ve made monumental strides. Instead of complaining or arguing, you applied yourself and accepted that writing well takes serious effort. You should hold your head up very high, and I couldn’t be prouder for you.

  • Suzanne (Sooz) Warfield

    When I first hired Rob Bacon to edit my work, I had no idea what to expect. I figured he’d be like what I heard about other editors who dot the I’s and cross the T’s and tell me difference between a colon and a semi-colon. I had no conception of what was to follow that first critique. He made me look cross-eyed at every chapter, and rage at his suggestions for character changes.He made me cry. He made me angry. He made me laugh out loud. He gave me sleepless nights re-thinking and re-creating. He had me tearing my hair out along with multiple pages that fluttered around my office like preened feathers. And then, I watched with amazement how my story emerged like a butterfly and took flight on the wind of his gentle humor and wise guidance. He supported me in so many ways, taught me so many things; talked me off of so many ledges…And now, here I am, completely enhanced, delirious with joy,clutching my finished, published novel to my beast and sliding into the spotlight shouting,” Man! What a ride!” Thank you Rob, for believing in me and taking me from “Maybe I could…” to “Holy Cow, I did it!” I’m so honored to call you my friend. You’re the best in the business.Thank you. Sooz