I have a great many clients I think a lot of, but none any more so than Sirena Gibson-Ross, an obviously misguided soul who started with me five or so years ago and has remained loyal. I’ve found her to be a wonderful talent with an imagination I envy, as […]

Seventh Street Books Offers Open-Submission Platform for Crime Fiction

A new publisher, Seventh Street Books, is accepting unsolicited submissions for Crime Fiction. I’ve done what due diligence I could, and from all appearances this firm is legitimate.  I commonly cite outfits that are using a publishing front to ensnare unsuspecting writers to pay for editing and other marketing options under […]

Mark Driscoll Resigns from Seattle Megachurch after ResultSource Pumps Sales 2

Some months ago I commented on preacher Mark Driscoll and his Seattle megachurch using ResultSource to purchase thousands of copies of a book of his to assure it would make the bestseller lists–and how repugnant I found this practice.  He has now resigned his position at the church, citing his […]

Booker Award and Pulitzer Prize Winners Don’t Always Assure Large Sales Volume

I’ve often commented on how poorly some books sell that win major awards.  The U.K. Booker Prize is a prime example, as this year’s winner for fiction, THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH by Peter Flanagan, has sold just 7,000 copies.  The publisher is now printing 53,000 more copies […]

Sterling Lord Literistic Now Working with Self-Published Authors

On a positive note, I read that the literary agency Sterling Lord Literistic, which routinely ranks in the top five with titles placed each year, has hired an associate agent with a responsibility to work with successful self-published authors.  Since there is no history yet with this person I’m not […]

“I, Walter” by Mike Hartner Wins Dual First-Place Chanticleer Awards

I’m of course ecstatic when a client’s work is singled out for excellence, and Mike Hartner received two first-place, blue-ribbon awards for I, WALTER at the recent Chanticleer Awards, one for YA and the other for Historical Fiction.  The Historical Fiction related to I, WALTER is of the picaresque variety, […]

Two Debut Authors Receive $2 Million Advances

Two debut writers recently received $2 million advances for fictional material.  One, Emma Cline, has written a roman à clef about the Manson-family women, and I’m including the link to her bio, as she’s just 25 years old and sort of a 2014 version of a ’60s hippie.  But a […]

Statistics Show Why It’s So Difficult for Debut Authors to Become Published by Big 5 Imprints

  Amazon has something like 500,000 exclusive self-published titles available–while the entire Big 5 with its several hundred imprints publishes around 50,000 titles each year.  And this includes both fiction and nonfiction.  If you read Publishers Marketplace, you’ll see that it reports about 50 new titles each day.  The math […]