Bookselling Via Public Speaking

Bookselling techniques encompass unlimited marketing concepts.  And I want to add something to the “way to sell books” model I broached in a previous article.  I forgot to mention being booked as a speaker.  Cancer survivors sell books, as well as drug or alcohol rehab graduates and women who practice self-defense.  The list is endless, and any self-help guru “stuff” works.  Just look at the books that are pitched on TV.  But it doesn’t require an infomercial.  Anyone can go online and find all sorts of opportunities readily available for participating in a speaker’s forum of some sort. 
Women’s clubs are ideal (for both sexes).  Homeowners’ groups have mixers in which people speak for various reasons.   A church might have a fellowship night.  The same with a community center.  And if a bookstore owner likes your book, and you have print copies, this covered stock can be sold through local, independent bookstores as a function of a “book talk” or reading (I strongly suggest the former over the latter.  Leave the reading to the professionals.)  One note: Not all “used” bookstore owners are gung-ho about sponsoring writers with retail books, but most of these folks are eager for ways to promote their respective businesses.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

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