“Word” Indexing/TOC Links

Kimberly Hitchens, the founder of, provides this link for anyone interested in learning Microsoft Word the right way.  I find the material amazingly comprehensive.  For anyone not proficient with the nuances of Word, this is one link that’s a must to bookmark.

You might want to tell Kimberly how much you appreciate the link by dropping her a note at  She’s one of a kind–in a very good way.  And I’m firmly convinced that no one on the planet knows more about book formatting than the staff at  I do, however, want to offer two video links for tutorials on setting up both an Index and a Table of Contents.

I’ve found that a picture is indeed often worth a thousand words–and sometimes ten thousand.  But be aware that scads of other YouTube videos with links for tutorials appear on the right-hand side of the screen.  I found that the key was to stay away from anyone who claims to work for Microsoft.  As with their Word-embedded tutorials, there always seems to be something missing or horribly unclear.

And I don’t care who doesn’t like that, I’m stickin’ with it.  I didn’t have Kimberly’s tutorial link for Indexing when I started out.  So I spent four hours with the fine folks at Microsoft via their video workshops.  Only afterwards did I stumble upon the two links I’ve posted in this paragraph.  Five minutes after viewing the video, I figured out the way to insert the pages in the index.

Remember, the adage from the ’70s about “garbage in, garbage out” still applies.  An extra space, or one too many periods, creates a separate Index entry–and a tedious process to remedy.  So much so that it can eventually lead one to alcohol.  To be frank, anyone attempting an Index is advised to have an adult beverage(s) handy.

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