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I realize that I overkill certain issues, and while I apologize for this tendency, my reason is that so many aspects of writing and publishing–which might not seem very important–are in truth hugely significant at one point or another in the overall scheme of things.  Related to publishers, for some time now Newsletter subscribers have read my extolling the virtues of using a quality book formatter whether sending off a draft to Simon & Schuster or self-publishing on Amazon.  
The reason is that certain bugbears (in large measure the result of undesired “pilcrows”) can really foul up a text, and unless a writer is genuinely knowledgeable about formatting, problems can be created that in addition to being expensive to fix can require a great deal of an author’s time.  And when a book’s release is imminent, nothing is more frustrating than having to scramble to repair a layout issue and not know how to do it.  I speak from experience (wide past history unfortunately) with this sort of thing, and it’s why I continue to extol the virtues of  I’ll repeat that I don’t get a dime from this company for referrals, but just as folks refer me to others because they believe I provide quality work, for this same reason I continue to support Kimberly Hitchens’s company as the only source for a guaranteed professional book layout for any medium.
Her fee is a ridiculously low $190, and this is not just my opinion but everyone I know who has tried to personally format a book.  The ratings for are through the roof, and none of her customer testimonials are puffed in any way.   And I’ve found that a business relationship with Ms. Hitchens, who likes to be called “Hitch,” will provide numerous peripheral benefits.  For example, I used one of her staff, Indira Chatterjee McQuire, to do my blog where I’m now posting snippets from past Newsletters.  “Indy” did the blog for $300, and I consider this the same level of bargain as Ms. Hitchens’s charges for formatting, as it’s quite easy to get into the four figures for an author’s blog–and some can even break five.  
Both of these people believe in a satisfied customer, and I’d like to think that this mantra is what has allowed my editing business to remain viable, as well.  I bring up at this time for another reason, as I noticed a link in Publishers Marketplace to an outfit called FireBrand that espouses a formatting service.  All a writer has to do is pay this company and it will “point out” where errors exist in a book’s layout.  The customer can then “simply” fix the miscue and all is well.  As I alluded to earlier in this section, if it was that easy, there would be no need to consider a company to assist with text layout in the first place.  One additional space in a line or undesired break at the end of a sentence can foul up an entire manuscript.  Consider what happens at times when I send my Newsletter.  What looks great on Internet Explorer’s browser 7, for example, can be a mess on 8–and this is using the same browser developer.

I don’t have the capacity to have each Newsletter formatted, but would make certain that my copy would appear the same, no matter the browser.  For anyone questioning the significance of this at the user level, please go on Amazon and read the one-star reviews.  You’ll find that many have nothing to do with the book’s content; instead, the rebukes are directed solely at how the book’s text was presented on a specific device.  Also, should you have any questions about , Kimberly Hitchens is available by phone after noon, PST, at 623-239-1660.  Just keep the after noon PST time frame in mind.

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  • Hitch

    Well, Rob, thanks! We’re always appreciative of anyone who recommends our services–and never more so than when it’s on a blog, for the world to see.

    As you’ve mentioned, customer service, and our “bulletproof” guarantee are important to us. We want every single client that walks out our door to be happy. We’ve done ~2500+ books; over 2,000 author clients, and we’re VERY proud of our batting average!! (One note about pricing: it varies, depending on the book. The clean quality of the source, and how much cleaning, above and beyond the ordinary, WE have to do; does the book have other formatting elements, like text boxes, Q&A, “emails,” “text messages,” IM’s, or non-fiction elements, like charts, graphs, tables, lists, etc.?)

    One thing: people might like to download our QuickStart COMIC book, to get an idea of what we do, and how we do it: .

    Thanks again, Rob, for the post–I’m going to write about it on our own site!