AuthorSolutions, Inc., Litigation Continues to Mount–Class Action Possible

Class action potential against ASI? I noticed that a senior citizen from my home state of Indiana has filed suit against AuthorSolutions, Inc., for deceptive marketing practices (the firm’s home office is in Bloomington). Her attorneys are attempting to achieve class-action status for the case, and it remains to be seen how the court will rule. The plaintiff spent $25,000 with an ASI imprint for various publicity and marketing packages and achieved negligible results. The problem, as I’ve written before, is that there is a mindset out there–which I vehemently disagree with–that implies this is a “let the buyer beware” environment. If this is so, how about at least looking at the marking up of a Kirkus Review–which is virtually worthless to begin with–ten times!

Anyone who has dealt with ASI in any way should pay close attention to what’s going on with the suit, but since Publish America (now America Star Books) is still operating after more than a dozen states’ attorneys general have filed suits against the firm (more than 170,000 complaints and counting), whatever happens with ASI will be anyone’s guess. I just hope sanity prevails, and at least writers will receive some sort of honest disclosure prior to sinking money into what is overwhelmingly a very deep hole from which there is no legitimate recourse except tears.

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