The Authors Guild, Advocacy for Writers

A positive aspect of The Authors Guild’s platform is its treatment of self-published writers.  I clearly remember when anyone who self-published had to utilize a vanity press.  This relegated that writer to pariah status.  This attitude has now changed diametrically.  A self-published writer, meeting the organization’s threshold for membership, which involves nominal dollar-denominated sales, can join the organization.

The initial yearly dues are $125, and these escalate during ensuing years based on gross dollars from book sales.  I have no clue how The Authors Guild polices this, but that’s the format.  I remember a group health insurance plan for members.  This, in and of itself, might be a good reason to become a member.

The Authors Guild has had many outstanding writers serve as its executive director or president.  For example, Scott Turow is one of its most recent alumni.

And I would be doing a terrible disservice if I didn’t mention that The Authors Guild also providing assistance for setting up a Web site.  This enables members to promote their respective works.  The fee for this is virtually nothing, and it alone can make the membership a plus.  Here’s the link to The Authors Guild.  Since there are so few entities that support writers, even thought this one isn’t perfect, it provides a starting point for protecting authors’ rights.

My hope is that it can strengthen and become a real force.  But as I’ve indicated quite often, publishers hold all the cards. And the court system and Congress don’t seem to have an interest in doing much to curb abuses–regardless of where they originate or who perpetrates them.  Still, for the reasons I just outlined that I deem positive, I believe a membership in The Authors Guild is worthwhile.  So please give The Writers Guild a good, hard look.

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