“ASME” Suspends Fiction Award

“ASME,” the American Society of Magazine Editors has now made it to the top of the bizarre list.  ASME suspended its fiction award for this year because of a paucity of entries.  Huh?  And here’s where it becomes even weirder.  The association’s president said that his organization also didn’t feel it possessed people qualified to judge the category.  All of this after the barrier for submission was reduced to $100 for magazines with small circulations.

The National Magazine Awards, as formally titled by ASME, intends to resume the fiction category in future years.  Come on.  This compares to those years when the Pulitzer committee shuned fiction.  As though not a single author had written a a novel of note.  Would it have killed the process to look at something by Stephen King or Nelson DeMille?  Great writers exist who create scintillating fiction beyond an immigrant’s vagaries in a new environment.  No disrespect meant by this, but it’s true.

As for Mr. King and Mr. DeMille, they have both crafted beautiful Literature.  I cite DOLORES CLAIBORNE and UP COUNTRY as examples, respectively.  And Stephen King has THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and THE GREEN MILE to his credit as well.  These works prove DC wasn’t a fluke regarding his entry in the Literature category.  In most literary media, it seems as though it’s crucial to promote an unknown academic.  And regardless of the overall fluency (hence, readability) of the text.  I call this “The Booker Disease,” and it’s my opinion that this narrow-minded perspective has spread throughout the book industry.  Now apparently even to magazine articles.

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